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The Beginning...

Dean Schofield & Brad Sjolin began D&B Foods Inc. in January 1986, when the two former Zacky Farms employees decided to go into business for themselves. They noticed a need to service small businesses. Dean & Brad created a tailored distribution for their clients needs. They quickly established a reputation for customer service that became innovative for markets & restaurants. Their business insight made them a major distributor servicing over 300+ notable meat markets, restaurants, and other food industries throughout Southern California.

D&B Foods has a real understanding of this ever-changing industry. Our staff has over a century of combined experience. This knowledge of the industry conditions gives us the advantage of offering the right prices, quality products, efficient delivery service, along with the ability to handle every customer with care and efficiency. Our clients have the peace of mind that they are getting real value.

You might be happy with your current provider but try us for an order. You'll be amazed at how our quality of service and attention to detail will make a difference in your business.

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Our Team

Abdon Garcia

Abdon Garcia Sales Executive

Abdon brings to our sales team over 25 years of experience. He began his career with D & B Foods as a delivery truck driver and worked his way up to a D & B Foods sales executive. Abdon's knowledge of the diversified products we offer and excellent customer care makes him a valued part of our D & B Foods Team.

Brian Taves Purchasing Manager

Brian has over 30 years of purchasing experience. Brian’s extended knowledge in the business ranges from perishables to nonfood items. His knowledge and experience make him a vital part of the D & B Foods Team.

Brian Taves
Cornelius Higuera Picture

Cornelius Higuera Sales Executive

Cornelius has a 20 year background in sales. He is personable and hardworking. He communicates well with his customers. He goes the extra mile to make sure his customers have the product they need for their success at the right price. Cornelius is an essential part of our D & B Foods Team.

David Munguia Sales Executive

David is an ambitious sales executive. His concern and care for his customer's needs makes him one of our top sales executives. He strives to obtain the best prices for his customers’ business all the while maintaining ultimate customer service. David brings high energy and motivation to our D & B Foods Team.

Eduardo Trigueros

Eduardo Trigueros Sales Executive

Eduardo has been with D & B Foods for over 30 years. He started with us as a truck delivery driver and worked his way up to be one of our top sales executives. He has extensive knowledge on products needed by his customers. Eduardo’s attention to detail and efficient customer communication and service is key to his success and that of his customers.

Jimmy Mandujano General Plant Manager / Purchaser

Jimmy has been working with D & B Foods for over 27 years. He offers an abundance of experience and knowledge in our industry. He works closely with our sales team, our warehouse crew, our truck delivery drivers, and our customers ensuring that the daily business runs fluently and efficiently. Jimmy is a valued and respected influence of our D & B Foods Team.

Jimmy Manduijano

Keiji Numata Sales Executive

Keiji is a motivated sales executive. He has excellent verbal and written communication skills. Keiji brings integrity and professionalism to our D & B Foods Team.

Tu Banh Accountant

Tu Banh is one of our long time and exemplary employees with over 30 years of service to D & B Foods. Her position of Accounts Payable and Receivable Accountant is one of high level importance as well as a very intricate part of our business. She is always very thorough in checking for accuracy of weights, prices, inventory, and billing. Tu is a true gem, always doing her job with a smile on her face and kindness in her voice. We are blessed to have an employee such as Tu here at D & B Foods for so many years.

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Jorge Garcia Assistant Plant Supervisor

Jorge Garcia is the Assistant Plant Supervisor here at D & B Foods. His dedicated years of service to our company is more than 15 years! Jorge’s main job is the logistics of our company by overseeing routes, outgoing orders, invoices and inventory. However, Jorge helps to solve any IT issues we have and keeps our office equipment up and running as well as coordinates service for our fleet of trucks ensuring all of the D & B trucks are up and running so deliveries are always on time.

Jose Luis Bermejo Utility Advisor

Jose Luis Bermejo has been with D & B Foods for 12 plus years. Jose Luis can and will do anything and everything that is needed, he is our “utility man”. He assists our Assistant Plant Manager with invoices, outgoing orders and logistics. When he’s not helping with those duties, you will find him driving a delivery truck when we are short a driver. Additionally, he checks in the drivers upon their return from
their routes and helps out with back office duties when needed. Jose Luis is definitely our “go to” person on a daily basis.

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Andres Arias Assistant Credit Manager

Andres Arias is our Assistant Credit Manager as well as IT person. He has been with D & B Foods for 3+years. When he is not assisting customers or sales executives, you can find him making sure our computers are all in top working order making your experience with our sales force and accounting personnel a pleasant one. Andres’ position is one of importance and he never fails us with his willingness to help and his work ethic.

Georgina Penunuri Office Assistant

Georgina Penunuri has been with D & B Foods for 3+  years. She is the assistant to Tu, helping with different aspects of the accounting department as well as helping others with the back office duties. Georgina is a dedicated and helpful addition to our company. With Georgina’s bright outlook on life and her cheery disposition, we are happy to have Georgina here at D & B Foods.

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We staff the best drivers in the business. You can be sure that your orders will be delivered to your establishment daily, on time and ready for your business.

We offer FREE delivery on all orders over 200 pounds or more. Orders of any size may be picked up at our warehouse Monday - Friday 10 AM – 4 PM. Please call us for full details. All terms are COD unless otherwise arranged in advance. Availability of products and pricing subject to change without notice.