Poultry Distribution Los Angeles

Poultry is available fresh or frozen, as whole birds or as joints (cuts), bone-in or d-boned, leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs, wings and giblets. At D & B Foods our understanding of and experience in the poultry market is unmatched. For 35 years our specialty has been chicken.

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Poultry is classified primarily by the size, weight, and age of the bird when processed.

Classes of Poultry

Chicken raised for meat products; of either sex; usually six to seven weeks old; often labeled "tender young chicken."

Less than twenty-four days of age and about one pound or less.

Cornish Game Hen
Less than thirty days of age and about two pounds.

Fast-food Size Broiler
Two pounds four ounces to three pounds two ounces, (mostly two pounds six ounces to two pounds fourteen ounces), usually cutup, without necks and giblets, may have tail and leaf fat removed, and less than forty-two days of age.

3's and Up
Three to four and three-quarter pounds, usually with neck and giblets for retail grocery; whole, cut-up, parts, and forty to forty-five days of age. Typical retail size.

Broiler Roaster
Five to six pounds, hens usually fifty-five days of age.

Broilers for Deboning
Five to six pounds, males usually forty-seven to fifty-six days of age. Deboned for nuggets, patties, strips, and similar boneless products.

Heavy Young Broiler Roaster
Six to eight pounds, sold fresh or frozen through retail grocery, both whole and parts, less than ten weeks of age. Typical "roaster.