Lamb Distribution Los Angeles

With decades of experience in the industry D & B Foods offers a wide variety of great lamb brands from local suppliers. Our network of suppliers allows us to be competitive and meet our customers' price and quality needs. And if it is veal that you are looking for, we have both domestic and imported veal available to fit any retail or food service needs.

Cuts of Lamb

Neck of Lamb
Meat from the neck section, rich in flavor but tough is most commonly sold as ground lamb for lamb burgers or casseroles. When cut into thick slices this bony part of the neck it is very tasty and good for slow cooking stew or braise until tender. These cuts are often underrated and as a result inexpensive.

Shoulder of Lamb
This large cut contains firm, flavorful meat streaked with a moderate amount of fat. Lamb shoulder is usually sold whole or halved on the bone. This part of the animal has worked hard so is better for slow roasting to break down any fibers to be really tender. Shoulder is also sold boned and rolled for roasting or diced for casseroles, curries or stewing.
Rack of Lamb
This section produces some of the most tender cuts of Lamb. The first eight ribs are the best end which are also known as ‘The Rack’. It can be cut in several ways. If the ends of the bones are exposed after the fat has been trimmed away.  A rack of Lamb can also form a most impressive roast to serve at your table.
Lamb Cutlets
Cutting between the rib bones produces Lamb Cutlets. Meat from this same section taken off the bone. Both of these are good for pan frying or grilling.

Lamb Loin
Little-used muscles in the loin make for some of the most tender cuts of lamb. This portion provides Loin Chops for grilling or frying. The loin is the source of compact tenderloin and loin chops, best broiled, grilled or sauteed, as well as whole loin roasts, often boned and tied.

Leg of Lamb
Whole, half or boned Leg of Lamb will make a perfect roast. For grilling and frying or the BBQ Leg of lamb is often sold as Leg Steaks, stir fry strips, or cubed for kebabs. A leg of lamb can also be roasted or grilled.
Lamb Breast
This is the belly area of the Lamb. This is usually sold as a rolled joint for roasting. This thin cut runs along the belly. The fatty, flavorful meat, with its many tiny rib bones, may be boned and cooked whole by braising, which results in tender meat, or it may be cut up and braised or grilled as lamb rib-let. This is one of the best value, least expensive cuts.

Lamb Chump
At the lower back of the animal where the loin meets the leg is known as the Chump. From here you can get Chump Chops and Chump Steaks. As a whole piece off the bone this is called a Chump Joint. All these are good for grilling and BBQ but can also be delicious if baked slowly in the oven.

Lamb Shank
This is the lower section of the leg. Hearty, economical and full flavored, the tough shank meat requires long, gentle braiding.  As a harder working part of the animal this needs slow cooking or braising; full of flavor it will become very tender and fall off the bone when cooked in this way.