Name Brand Products You Can Trust

A list of some of the top brands we offer our costumers:


EXCEL FRESH MEATS - Since 1936, Cargill has placed hard work and integrity above all else. And the responsibility of being an industry leader demands a relentless dedication to peerless service, day in and day out.

FOSTER FARMS - Fresh Chicken

FOSTER FARMS -  Fresh-Chicken  Locally raised in California and the Pacific Northwest, our American Humane Association Certified chicken has no added hormones or steroids.


FARMER JOHN - Pioneering a revolution in the supply of locally flavorful meats, FARMER JOHN has been a Southern California staple since practically forever.

House of Raeford

House of Raeford - House of Raeford Farms is a family enterprise—four generations found not only in the board room, but in every stage of our integrated business from the hatcheries to the plants.


SuKarne - With over 40 years in operation, SuKarne has been a key player in the transformation of the meat industry in Mexico and worldwide, in maintaning the highest standards and pursuing ongoing innovation of its processes.

OK Foods

OK Foods - Founded more than 80 years ago, OK Foods has evolved from a livestock and poultry feed manufacturer to one of the world’s largest fully-integrated chicken producers.

Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods - Since our founding in 1891, Hormel Foods has been a recognized leader in the processing and marketing of pork. Today, thanks to our extensive expertise, balanced business model, commitment to innovation and rigorous adherence to quality standards, our products are highly regarded for taste, nutrition, convenience and value.

Peco Foods

Peco - Peco Foods Inc., one of the industry's leading suppliers, started as a small hatchery and feed mill in Gordo, Alabama in 1937. Over the years, Peco has grown into a fully integrated poultry processing and packaging company.